About us

Since its establishment, Stocchetta Cilindri s.r.l. has been a brand recognised and respected for the design and production of special and large-sized cylinders. We have designed and manufactured cylinders with bores of up to 850 mm and strokes of up to 14 m.

Stocchetta Cilindri s.r.l. is known in the world for the design, reliability and long lifetimes of its products, as well as for the efficient organisation of its Customer Services.

Stocchetta Cilindri s.r.l. production includes cylinders of many types: oleodynamic and pneumatic, with/without tie rods, telescopic, plunge, multiple, in tandem, clamping, rotary actuators, pressure multipliers, flow dividers, magnetic. Produced with square, round, bolted and welded heads.

Cadmium-plated, nickel-plated, in stainless steel, with veneered shafts, with anti-rotation system, special coatings and varnishes, innovative solutions for dynamic sealing and special workings of any kind.

Cylinders can be equipped with bellows, inductive proximity sensors and position transducers of any type.

The principal application fields are:
Iron and steel works – Lamination – Extrusion – Smelting - Horizontal and vertical presses – Plastic die-casting and moulding – Construction sites, naval, petroleum, food and ecology

For over 45 years we have represented a point of reference in terms of experience and technology: Today these two assets unite to help us resolve the most difficult power and precision problems in the oleodynamic-pneumatic fields.

Stocchetta Cilindri s.r.l. services are organised to assure:
  • Support for communications in five language (EN/GE/FR/IT/SP)
  • Advice for choosing standard or ad-hoc products
  • Full documentation aids, also specific documentation to order
  • Servicing and technical training courses for external personnel
  • Advanced IT, design and network communication facilities
  • Expert capillary technical and sales assistance network
  • Installation and servicing assistance at Customer site
  • Servicing and revamping of cylinders by Stocchetta Cilindri s.r.l. and, in the interests of offering a complete service, also those of other constructors
  • Supply over long timescales of gasket kits and spare parts, also for components no longer in production
The company was established in Brescia in 1967 becoming very quickly a point of reference in the hydraulic field, among others. In 1992, after relocation to a new modern industrial site, Stocchetta Cilindri s.r.l. was successful in increasing considerably its Customer base through its design and production activities. In 1998, and then again in 2000, the synergy created by a collaboration with a prestigious international constructor in the oleodynamic field enabled Stocchetta Cilindri s.r.l. to acquire new skills and know-how in the field of serial design and production of oleodynamic cylinders.

In 2001, following sale of a company branch, Stocchetta Cilindri s.r.l. continued to be present on the market with the brand LHA in parallel with that of Stocchetta Cilindri S.r.l. However since June 2011, the whole business has returned to being present on the market with its original brand, Stocchetta Cilindri S.r.l.

In the summer of 2014 the company extended its surface area, increasing the machine resources available and reorganising office and production areas so as to be able to satisfy Customer requirements even more punctually and efficiently.

The company places great importance on consolidating partnerships with the largest Italian and foreign contractors, especially exploiting the opportunities offered by emerging markets for creating new synergies with foreign partners in both technological and marketing contexts.

Results obtained are, and always will continue to be, the result of the great technical and human value of our employees.
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