Special cylinders

The line of special cylinders produced by Stocchetta Cilindri (double-acting, simple-acting, plunger, telescopic, flow dividers, rotating, pneumatic, etc.) has been developed on the basis of specialised, technologically-advanced know-how combined with scrupulous attention to the special application requirements of customers. The Stocchetta Cilindri S.r.l. brand is synonymous with vast experience and use of the most advanced technology for the production of special and large-sized cylinders.

On the basis of Customer requirements, Stocchetta Cilindri S.r.l. carries out research and design, production, assembly and testing of products, providing a guarantee of high quality standards, reliability and respect for delivery times agreed.

The principal application sectors are:
Iron and steel industry – Rolling mill – Extrusion – Smelting - Horizontal and vertical presses – Plastic die-casting and moulding – Civil engineering, Naval, Oil, Food and Ecology.
cilindri spintori carica forno
Furnace charging pushrod cylinders
cilindro sollevamento torretta girevole
Laddle turret lifting cylinder
divisione di flusso 8 stadi
8-stage flow divider
displacement 35.34 dm3/each
cilindro speciale per cesoia Bramme
Special cylinder for flat bloom shear, 690 
mm bore
cilindro con regolazione di corsa per pressa orizzontale
Cylinder with stroke adjustment for 
horizontal press 3000 tons
cilindri comando porta con raffreddamento esterno
Door control cylinders with external cooling 
and position control system
attuatore rotante Girapaniera
Tundish tilting rotary actuator, operating 
torque 200,000 N/m
cilindri sollevamento forno W.B.
W.B. Lifting cylinder completed with valves 
and position transducer
increase >>
cilindri morsa stiratrice 800 tonnellate
Stretcher clamping cylinders 800 tons
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