Revamping and servicing


Stocchetta Cilindri s.r.l., provides revamping and maintenance services both for its own products and those manufactured by other manufacturers, guaranteeing great flexibility, quality and best prices.

On customer request, Stocchetta Cilindri s.r.l. is able to supply both on cylinders and their component(s) parts, also for items that are out of production.

During the initial assessment phase, technological modifications are studied and agreed with the customer for the purpose of improving the product from the point of view of performance and operating lifetime.

Stocchetta Cilindri s.r.l. is able to provide:

  • Instant assistance and rapid repairs in the case of system shutdowns
  • On-site repair checks and support
Product test certificate and warranty (1)
(1) The warranty provided for revamped products is 6 months from delivery date.
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