We certify our cylinders

Nothing is left to chance

The quality and safety of the cylinders made in Brescia by Stocchetta Cilindri are the first priorities of a company that has been a key player in the sector for over 50 years: all our customers can count on the professionalism of a partner who takes care not only of the manufacturing, but also the certification of the hydraulic cylinders.

Complete certification documents

To ensure that all the products we supply are in line with the standards imposed by the regulations in force and with the requirements requested by the customer, we also issue the certification of hydraulic and pneumatic hydraulic cylinders.

We issue complete certification documentation upon request, which includes what is listed below:

  • use and maintenance manual;
  • declaration of conformity to the order;
  • declaration of commodity origin;
  • visual and dimensional inspection certificate / inspection certificate;
  • certifications of the production phases;
  • certificates of the materials used;
  • test certificate;
  • certificate of calibration of measuring instruments;
  • declaration of incorporation (former manufacturer) / CE conformity;
  • declaration of free export / dual use;
  • deed for goods of EU origin.

Upon request, we are able to provide further documentation.

Request information

We are your trusted hydralic and pneumatic cylinder partner, including after sale, thanks to our availability and speed of reply.

Hydraulic cylinder certification