Design and sale of special hydraulic cylinders

At Stocchetta, your every wish is our command… to start production!

In Brescia, Stocchetta Cilindri deals with the design and sale of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders based on your specifications: we design them after an initial joint technical analysis to evaluate the industrial conditions in which the cylinder will operate. If you have a wish, we make it come true (or rather we put it into production!).

Size matters…

One of the sectors in which we operate most is steel and heavy applications, where we have faced situations that have led us to the design and construction of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders with bores up to 850 mm and strokes of up to 14 metres. No matter how complex a request is, the experience accumulated over 50 years of operation allows us to find effective and optimal solutions. Explain your problem to us and we will be able to offer you the cylinder that’s right for you. In the image gallery, you can see just some of the cylinders we have made.

Some examples

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We are your trusted hydralic and pneumatic cylinder partner, including after sale, thanks to our availability and speed of reply.

Hydraulic cylinder design