Our company certifications

ISO 9001: for us, it is more than just a certificate to be shown off

Stocchetta Cilindrici operates in Brescia with fifty years of experience and dedication to maximum customer satisfaction: we want our cylinders and our services to really meet the parameters required by our customers and for the level of our quality to be constantly improved.

For this reason we have a quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001 certification, kept updated and monitored by annual inspections and three-year renewals carried out by the TÜV certification body.

Quality management system

The application of the ISO 9001 quality management system brings significant benefits, as it provides the tools to:

  • create efficiency through management practices for the integration of internal processes, increase productivity and profitability;
  • reduce customer complaints;
  • assess and monitor staff training;
  • increase the level of staff involvement.

The result today is confirmed by a more than positive response from our customers which we can only be delighted by.

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ISO 9001 certification