Design and manufacture of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders

Who we are

For over 50 years, the Brescia-based company Stocchetta Cilindrici has been dedicating itself to the design and manufacture of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders for various redustries with passion and skill. The main sectors of application are: steel, rolling, extrusion, foundries, horizontal and vertical presses, plastic die casting and molding, shipbuilding, oil and food.

Our brand has long been recognised and appreciated for its ability to find solutions to the most complex problems in the field of precision hydraulics and pneumatics, specialising in the production of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders sized according to the needs of our customers. We have designed and manufactured cylinders with bores up to 850mm and strokes of up to 14 metres.

Our team

The foundation of our success is the technical and human value of our people; a team of qualified professionals who work in synergy, making what is required of us a reality every day.

The perfect balance between the experience of the veterans, who have contributed to the progressive growth of Stocchetta Cilindri over the years, and the dynamism of young people, appropriately trained according to plans for specific tasks, is what decisively propels our company towards the future.


Our history

The company was founded in Brescia in 1967 under the name of Metalmeccanica Stocchetta, quickly becoming a point of reference in the field of hydraulics, hydraulics and pneumatics. In 1998, and subsequently 2000, working with a prestigious international manufacturer in the sector allows us to glean more knowledge in the design and construction of hydraulic cylinders. In 2001, following the sale of a business branch, the Metalmeccanica Stocchetta experience continues to be present on the market with the LHA brand, parallel to the Stocchetta Cilindri brand. Since 2011, the whole business has been reunited under a single brand, Stocchetta Cilindri, retaining all the experience and know-how acquired in over 40 years of business.

In the summer of 2014, the company expands its property and fleet of machines, reorganising the offices and production area in order to satisfy customers’ needs even more promptly and effectively. In 2019, further important investments were made with the latest generation machinery and the implementation of Industry 4.0.

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